1. Participants will be placed in the venue as one participant for two seats to be able to seat with social distance during theoretical lectures.

2. FFP-2 masks will be provided for participants, lecturers and professional mannikins. It will be mandatory to wear these masks during the course.

3. Hand disinfectants will be placed for the use of the participants.

4. Maximum five participants per station will take education during hands-on trainings.

5. Gloves will be provided for hands-on trainings and it will be mandatory to wear gloves during hands-on trainings.

6. Extra care will be given to keep ultrasound devices clean. Devices will be cleaned with disinfectant tissues after every hands-on training session.

Basic Point-of-Care Ultrasound Course- SonoTurkey

Basic Point-of-Care Ultrasound Course in Istanbul (SonoTurkey)

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